Compliance checks via creditPass give certainty of having taken every precaution correctly against money laundering and terrorism. Let your customers, suppliers and employees be safe and sure that every regulation and possible restriction is respected by your company. Our compliance check contains not only EU sanction lists, but also corresponding US blacklists, like DPL, OFAC and others. PEP checks have gained increasing importance – especially in Europe. PEP stands for “Politically Exposed Persons” and contains people with key positions and elected representatives of foreign countries. If your company would like to conclude a major transaction, business or commission agreement you can quickly check, if possibly a conflict of interest could exist. Of course, not every single regulatory law can be covered with online compliance checks, but an exculpation afterwards, in case of an event of damage, is likely to be achieved more easily if at least systematically compliance checks via creditPass were performed in advance. We ¬†offer numerous modules for shop systems but, of course, we are pleased to connect your self-designed shop system individually to our interface. Besides fully automated requests, single individual inquiries can also be performed via creditPass. All requests are processed in real time so you can make immediate decisions.

Authentication and identification of customers and partners can be carried out using various methods: Device-Ident, Picture-Ident, Video-Ident, Walk-Ident, Speach-Ident. At creditPass you will find the right solution for your requirements. If we do not have the needed solution already in our portfolio, we will find, together with our powerful IT Department, an individual solution for your business.


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