Use an adress lookup and an address check to minimize misdeliveries and prevent fraud!

Wrong or faulty addresses cause unnecessary inconvenience to suppliers and customers. Protect yourself with address checks and address lookups!

Also, in the field of fraud prevention, address information provides important services . If you perfom a credit check with wrong or modified adress data, the agencies might deliver wrong results – so, although negative indicators are present, these are not found or correlated. But if the address is corrected by an address check, you get significantly more accurate information.


Advantages of an address check via creditPass®:

  • Used before a credit check, a significantly higher hit accuracy can be achieved
  • Often a typo is enough and the goods are not delivered: Gain savings from preventable shipping and logistics costs. Do not let your customers wait for their goods unnecessarily.
  • Reduce wastage in marketing or mailing actions
  • Various address checks, from a simple validation on a deliverability or identity verification are available.  You can even get information if a customer has moved.

Simple and efficient – address lookup

On average annually, about 10 % of the population in Germany changes their residence. People with low credit ratings are even three times as likely as wealthy customers to change their address. Address lookup via creditPass® can help you locate these people!


Address lookup via creditPass®:
  • Start a low-cost query to various databases or make a query to the official registration office.
  • Just enter the address data known and the search starts automatically
  • If you get no results, no fees will be charged (except requests to the official registration office)
  • After a successful query, you can cash in outstanding claims.


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