Check people and get solvency estimations!

Check people’s credit worthiness – with checks on persons, solvency estimations can be gained through several sources. This information includes currently
existing negative characteristics like entries in public lists of debtors, current judicial or extrajudicial debt
collection procedures and further negative characteristics. An additional scoring enables the probability calculation of a certain payment behavior, based on socio-demographic

Significant differences between the credit agencies’ data are to be found among the soft and middle negative characteristics. Credit agencies are providing exclusive data, so requesting several credit agencies can lead to more significant results!


Get high hit rates via creditPass®:
  • Request several agencies at the same time
  • Combine all the results individually – even with different types of checks, like an address check
  • Negative payment information and scoring available
  • All renowned agencies like SCHUFA, Bürgel, Creditreform Boniversum or infoscore are available

Business checks for evaluating business partners!

To evaluate business partners, creditPass® provides different queries from a short evaluation of the credit worthiness to a detailed description of the queried company. It is mandatory to evaluate the risk of a company before joining long partnerships. Also for busniess checks, creditPass® connects several databases.


Business check via creditPass®:
  • Worldwide checks are available
  • From low cost credit checks to a full description of the company
  • Among others, the following characteristics are available: credit, shareholders and senior executives, contact details, company history, number of employees, investments, banking information, credit recommendation, fleet and business purpose
  • Depending on the check, free updates are available to detect changes


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