Fraud prevention with GeoIP – a service provided by creditPass®!

In addition to our services in the areas of credit reports and credit checks, creditPass® provides fraud prevention with the GeoIP service. You can check the origin of an IP address transmitted by a visitor or a customer of your shop. With this information, you are able to adjust the language for your customer automatically.

Moreover, the GeoIP service provides important information for fraud prevention purposes. So, unusual order patterns can be detected, such as orders in which the address and the country of issue of the credit card differs.


Advantages with the creditPass® GeoIP-Service:
  • Dynamic response of content to the origin of your visitors and customers
  • Create personal and emotional content
  • Fraud prevention

Be save with compliance checks via creditPass®!

According to legal principles compliance lists must be checked before closing contracts. These are mainly used to prevent money laundering and fight terrorism. Compliance with these requirements is mandatory and it may result in heavy fines or even jail if not respected. creditPass enables simple and auditable querying of all relevant lists. Similar to our credit checks, these lists can be checked in real time.


Available compliance checks via creditPass®:
  • Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)
  • HM Treasury, Financial Sanctions
  • US OFAC: Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)
  • US BIS: Denied Persons List (DPL)
  • US BIS: Unverified List (UL)
  • PEP-Check (Political Exposed Persons)

Reduce chargebacks with an account check!

Accounts checks allow the detection of weak signals of lacking credit worthiness. Particularly when using the electronic SEPA Direct Debit ( SEPA ELV ), costs caused by chargebacks are significantly reduced. Statistics show that approximately 85% of chargebacks occur due to insufficient funds. So are chargebacks known to a certain account, it is very likley they will happen again.

Payment service provider maintain lists with such accounts. In addition to these lists, however, further tests can be performed . A good addition is, for example,  to prove the formal plausibility of an account or check if unusual payment patterns have already occured.


Advantages of account checks via creditPass®:
  • Effective protection against chargebacks through Black- and Whitelist information
  • Several different providers of lists available
  • Fraud protection with plausibility checks and screening of unusual payment patterns

Fraud prevention with credit card checks!

The first six digits of credit card numbers indicate the card issuers and other criteria. With the credit card check the given card information, for example the country of origin, can be validated. Incorrect or inconsistent credit card data are thus detected and rejected. In particular, in conjunction with other tests, such as GeoIP,
fraud patterns can be detected and payment losses are prevented in time.


Credit card checks  via creditPass®:
  • The following data can be validated: Issuer, existence of card, origin country, name of bank, type of card
  • In addition to credit card checks, debit cards can be checked as well

Fraud management

Apart from the enormous opportunities of online trading, e-commerce also poses risks. Since certain scam methods can not be prevented with conventional methods, creditPass extends the possibilities for preventing fraud by tracking profiles. With device fingerprinting, used devices can be tracked and fraudulent behavior patterns can be blocked. This is an ideal addition to all kinds of risk checks.

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