Use SEPA direct debit via creditPass® as a payment method!

According to studies, the Electronic Direct Debit (ELV) counts to the most popluar payment methods in Germany. This is due to the simple and convenient payment flow for customers and the relatively low cost (for example, not additional fees as with credit cards) for merchants. By offering this popular payment method, you add clear additional value to your shop. This helps lower drop outs and can be an advantage for your market competition.

However, the merchant takes on an increased risk of payment losses through chargebacks. This risk can be countered by a credit check. High-risk customers can be excluded from SEPA Direct Debit and referred to another payment method.
Through various partner systems, creditPass® offers secure and fully automated processing of electronic direct debits within Germany and Austria. The risk of payment losses can be reduced simply and effectively through a customized credit check in already existing systems.


Direct debit via creditPass®:
  • The ELV allows secure payment transactions at low costs
  • Chargebacks can be reduced by a credit check via creditPass in advance
  • Fully automated processing
  • Also available on partner systems (Payment Service Provider)
  • Simple and convenient payment option for both the customer and the merchant
  • SEPA Direct Debit additional services are available such as chargeback tracking, chargeback file, chargeback processing and credit file creation


Overview: This is the workflow of direct debit transactions
SEPA direct debit
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